Read The Current American Civil War, a Global Perspective; we learn:


– From Jared Diamond and Arie De Geus, to see human societies as living entities.
– From Steve Jobs, the inverse correlation between intellectual brilliance and political correctness.
– From Henry Kissinger, to view events from Multiple perspectives, understand their causes in context of various cultural backdrop, publicly visible motivations and private agendas of key players.
– From Pope John Paul II, work ethics, values, America’s ecological edge, wealth in its land and path forward for America and the World.
– From Adam Smith, importance of awful virtues, how the free market’s invisible hand works.
– From Aristotle, respect Techne as productive knowledge, how the mindful hand, material, efficiency, formal and telos Cause explains the Culture of Innovation.
– About the traditional American Leadership Values, To Control your own destiny or someone else will, to take responsibility and be held accountable.


After Reading The Current American Civil War, you’ll:


– Gain Insights into the Realities behind the politics of Globalization; see that the world is not flat.
– Get answers to why, after over $ 20 Trillions in National Debt, spent via QEs, etc. and $ 3 Trillion annually in ‘welfare and benefits’ (more wealth than what the entire UK’s working populace produces per their GDP), the America Income Inequality is at its highest in over 100 years.
– Open your eyes to the sophistries of the Problem Profiteers; evil nexus between the professional politicians and All-powerful Activist Corporations with hundreds of Billions of wealth under management.
– Learn about the Shame Culture of the Anomie parvenus Reigning as Celebrities that ridicules the values of other fellow Americans.
– See the binary programming of the M.O.B. (Millennial Oriented Broadcast) in action.
– Follow how the flamboyant K Street Eunuch organizations, demoralized by the money pots of the Progressive Activists Corporations; enticed by millions in book deals, enervated by the Liberal Social and Mainstream Media such that honesty has become self-sacrifice, how after decades of indolence in DC and being intensely adverse to active service, they’ve all degenerated into useless laughing stock.
– Understand how all the Media attacks on the current Elected Executive Leadership of America is really a struggle between Culture of Competition and Growth against Culture of Monopoly and Decadence. Of following one’s Reason against trying to be Politically Correct.
– Finally, comprehend why the Conjuncture of Age of Space Exploration, Competition, Freedom & Diversity of Ideas in Internet and lastly Enlightenment, awakening from the mindless indoctrination of Politically Correct, is so crucial for the Next Transformation for America and rest of the World.