About The Book

After the last Civil War, America emerged a stronger and more united country that went on to witness major economic growth and become a major force for Democracy around the World.

America is currently in a New “Cold” Civil War, it is at a critical inflection point and faces the most serious threat to its democracy in its history. Its Dynamic Free Market Capitalism has been replaced by Crony Capitalism from Wall Street, which is hobbling the proper allocation of Financial Capital to Main Street, thereby stifling real new business growth.

In this political commentary, the author argues that we still do not fully understand the negative effects of convergence and consolidation in information technology. We are also overlooking the fact that the rhetoric in both the social and Mainstream Media are being monopolized by the same special interest groups that funds the Activists and control a majority of information technology companies.

While muckraker journalists used to look out for our interests, today the media are mostly in cahoots with the tech companies as well as celebrities, activist judges, corporations, and Wall Street capitalists.

As such the American people stand alone with no one on their side except the current President whom they had elected on 8th Nov 2016. With odds stacked against them, do Americans stand a chance?

Get the answer to that question and many more, also discover what you can do to protect American democracy and help unchain free market capitalism to drive economic growth in America.

In our current environment of emotional hysteria hyped up by the Social and Main-stream Media, this book attempts a ‘facts-based’ approach, leveraging business management methodologies and discipline to analyze issues and their causations.

All derived conclusions are also supported by historical equivalents, fundamental concepts per relevant disciplines, related organizational Cultures and finally the motivations and personal agendas of the participants.

This fresh new approach is most interesting as it is neither aligned with the left nor right, an independent, unbiased approach to problem-solving.


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