“Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs bad!”

as the sheep would bleat in Animal Farm, by George Orwell

革命无罪, 造反有理!革命无罪, 造反有理!

as the Red Guards would chant Chairman Mao’s slogan during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)


When I first read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I was quite amused by the sheep chanting Four Legs good, Two legs Bad and how towards the end of the story, they were so easily re-educated to chant Four Legs good, Two Legs Better! It was also sad to see that the animals couldn’t differentiate between the Pigs and the Humans at the end of the book. Just before my posting to China in 2003, I was bringing myself up to speed on China’s recent history and came across the footages of the Cultural Revolution in China with the red guards chanting about the glories of revolution and uprising, it is a state of near Anarchy and this was as recent as 1976! It reminded me of the sheep chanting in Animal Farm.

Present day America, I see similar political slogans and mantras chanting everywhere, not only in the street protests but in the mainstream Media channels, cable-news and social media networks! There is now more Media Propaganda broadcasted here in America than in China. China had risen from its ashes of the Cultural Revolution after Deng Xiaoping took over the helm; allowing Capitalism to work its magic in the China Markets, the China’s economy started to take off. China’s growing affluence provided majority of the population with better quality of life and education, thus there’s less need for Mass Media Propaganda. Third world countries like North Korea relies on Mass Media Propaganda in place of real economic development, as their weak leadership cannot deliver growth in the economy nor add wealth to their people. The last Administration couldn’t deliver real growth for the country either, therefore you also get Propaganda (diversionary rhetoric) like Globalism, Socialism, Climate Change, Racism, Sexism, LGBTQ, etc. in place of economic growth and better quality of life for the people.